No One Here Gets Out Alive
My name is Sam.
I'm a whole load of bleh. C'est la vie.

After watching Season One of GoT, I really miss Ned’s character. He had to be my favourite until bitch J.O went and chopped his head off.

So…there’s said to be another rape scene in GoT involving Sansa coming up and just ugh…UGH it’s not even in the fucking books so I don’t understand WHY it’s even in there.

I was excited for this season but honestly, the writers are straying away from the plot and books and adding these scenes for NO reason.

If it’s just for shock value or whatever, it’s a lame approach to add that sort of shock value when it triggers a lot of people.

Don’t say to me ‘well, you know how the show is, you shouldn’t be surprised’ cause I will shove my finger in your eye socket.